We create unique boats

Stockholm Yacht is a pioneer in the Nordic region when it comes to renovating yachts & boats.

We are one of the few companies that can offer a specialised comprehensive service, where we can totally transform your boat according to your wishes complemented by our expertise and eye for design.

Whether you're looking to renovate to add value for a sale or you want to add your personal touch, we have a solution to suit you.

We handle projects of all sizes, but have a preference for large and comprehensive projects. This is not only because these projects allow us to showcase our creative breadth, but also because they allow us to fully utilise our planning and implementation skills. We always complete what we set out to do, within budget and on time.


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How does it work?

Each of our customers has unique needs and preferences, which we appreciate. While some of our customers want to renovate to achieve a new function, others prefer to have the freedom to choose materials and design. This is why we always start every project with a thorough design process. Together with you, we define the goals of the project and the final product.

Our team of interior designers and engineers then develops a detailed plan, including choice of materials, technical aspects and drawings. This is to provide clarity on what we will jointly realise.

The execution of the work can take place either on our premises or at a location you suggest, and throughout the process our experienced project manager will guide you from the initial idea to the finished product.


Renew your interior design

Whether you have an older yacht or boat that you want to renew or you have a newer model that you simply want to customise, we have solutions for you. Renewing the interior is an effective way to create a whole new feel on board and increase comfort. Our designers create unique solutions to suit your tastes.

Just like in our homes, trends and styles change over time and updating your yacht or boat to a more modern look will give it many extra years of enjoyment.

We work with many different crafts and what makes us unique is that we have gathered all the expertise in the same place to be able to offer you as a customer a total commitment. Whether you want a total make-over or perhaps minor adjustments, we have a solution for you.


Design that gets noticed

No one will remember an ordinary white boat, but everyone will notice one that has been transformed with our help. We are known for our total colour changes where we can use foiling and painting to transform a boat into something completely different. If you have specific areas on your yacht that need improvement and change, we can help with this.

With short lead times and an incredible level of detail in our work, an exterior makeover is a cost-effective and elegant way to create a unique and personalised touch to your boat. Whether you want to change the colour of the entire boat or just certain parts, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve your vision.

If you want your boat to stand out from the crowd and really catch the eye, contact us for a consultation and let us turn your boat into something memorable.

Galeon 430 complete exterior refit
Galeon 700 raptor complete exterior refit

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Upgrading and reliability

In addition to aesthetic renovations, we also offer structural remodelling and installation of equipment for your yacht and boat.

As a dealer for Modic's hydraulic systems in the Nordic region, we offer high quality solutions for your hydraulic needs such as swim bridges and transformers. In addition, we sell Raymarine navigation equipment, which gives you the latest technology to safely and efficiently navigate on the water.

We also offer Victron electrical systems, giving your yacht the flexibility and reliability it needs to stay in top condition. With our wide range of products and services, we can help you optimise your yacht's performance and comfort.

Whether you are interested in an aesthetic renovation, a structural remodelling, or the installation of new equipment, we have the skills and resources to make your yacht the best it can be. Contact us today to discuss how we can realise your vision for your yacht.

Installation of hydraulic bathing bridge on Princess V65

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