Walls and ceilings

Modern interiors with new walls and ceilings

Have you noticed that the textiles on the walls and ceilings of your older yacht or boat are starting to wear out, or maybe even come loose? This is not uncommon, especially in older British boats where moisture can cause the glue to weaken and the walls or ceiling to become saggy. Or perhaps you own a newer boat but want to give it a more personal touch? Whatever your scenario, we're here to help.

With our team of experienced craftsmen, we can give your textile-covered walls and ceilings a fresh start. We'll even consider redesigning the ceiling layout to incorporate modern lighting. By investing in new textiles, you can transform aesthetics and comfort with relatively simple means.

If you have walls or ceilings that are hard surfaces, we can e.g. foil these or decorate them with exciting other materials such as ribbed panels and cladding. stone material.


We help you choose

Our designers will help you find the right materials for your design vision. If you also want to combine your renovation with interior foiling and replacement of worktops or other renovations, we do an overall design for a holistic feel.

Moodboard for the renovation of the Princess V65
Moodboard in project Bella IV

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