Foiling of yachts and boats

Stockholm Yacht specialises in wrapping larger yachts and boats. What distinguishes us is that we take care of all the necessary preparations in the form of, for example, gelcoat repairs, cleaning and silicone work. Preparations like these are necessary for a perfect result and since we take care of the entire work from preparation to final result, we can control the quality throughout the process.

We are the supplier for those who want a perfect result and we offer a fantastic level of detail on every job we do.

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Transforming your interior

Updating your yacht or boat's interior with foiling is an effective way to give it a modern feel. We at Stockholm Yacht have extensive experience of large interior projects, where we not only foil but also replace textiles, worktops and carpets to totally renew the look. Interior foiling is not only fast, it is also a cost-effective way to get an updated feel on the inside.

The foil we use for interiors is of architectural quality. It's so similar to real materials like wood that it's hard to tell them apart. We work with several top suppliers, including 3M Di Noc, Belbien and LG. All our interior films are damage, water and stain resistant.

interior lining

We have over 300 material choices

We can offer over 300 different options for interior wrapping materials, ranging from smooth solid colours to wood and stone. But don't worry - our designers will help you choose and together we will find the choices that best reflect your taste. The fact that we have our own designers means that we can really take a holistic approach to a project and for the customer it is easy when we take care of everything from idea to execution.


We add colour to your yacht

A white boat can easily go unnoticed, but one that has undergone our magical transformation will always stand out. We have a reputation for radically changing the appearance of boats through the combination of foiling and painting. So if there are specific parts of your yacht that need sprucing up or changing, we're here to help.

Thanks to fast lead times and our unrivalled attention to detail, an exterior makeover is both affordable and stylish. Whether you want to change the entire colour of your boat or just certain parts of it, we have the knowledge and expertise to realise your wish. It is true that the quality of the end result is in the preparation. When you choose us, we make sure that every surface to be foiled is in top condition, including any gelcoat repairs and necessary cleaning. We also take apart fittings and other parts to ensure a seamless finish, and all silicone joints are adjusted to match the new colour scheme.

For those parts that are not suitable for foiling, such as navigation equipment or speakers, we use lacquer instead. If your deck has unpleasant surfaces, we can replace them with more modern and softer deck materials from Vendeck that harmonise perfectly with the new colour scheme.

Galeon 430 complete exterior refit
Galeon 700 raptor complete exterior refit

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What are the advantages of foiling my yacht compared to traditional painting?

Foiling a yacht offers many advantages. For example, the foiling process is significantly faster than painting, reducing the time your yacht is unusable. It is also often more cost-effective and can be carried out in multiple locations. Foiling also offers a chance to personalise your yacht with unique design possibilities, and it can be easily removed or changed if you decide on a new look.

How long does a yacht exfoliation last?

With proper care, a high quality yacht film can last for years. The lifespan can vary depending on the quality of the film, exposure to sun and other external factors, and how well it is cared for. We have projects that are now more than four years old that basically look brand new.

Where can the foiling of my yacht be carried out?

We can handle interior foiling anywhere, provided the indoor temperature is at least 15 degrees. For exterior foiling, we prefer to work in our own premises, but we can also do it in other suitable locations. To ensure the best possible results, a clean environment and a temperature of at least 15 degrees are required.

Will the foiling damage the surface of my yacht?

No, when foiling is applied and removed correctly by professionals, it should not damage the surface of your yacht. In fact, the foil can actually offer a protective layer against some external damage such as scratches and UV radiation.

Can I choose what design or colour I want for my yacht?

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of foiling is the customised design flexibility. Whether you want a solid colour, a pattern, a graphic or something else unique, we can probably meet your requirements.

What happens if part of the film is damaged?

One of the great advantages of foiling is that if a part is damaged, that particular section can be easily replaced while the yacht is in the water without having to change the entire surface. Repairs can usually be carried out quickly and without major costs.

Do I need to prepare my yacht in any way before foiling?

For best results, the yacht should be clean and free from damage. We will make a thorough assessment before foiling and recommend any gelcoat repairs or cleaning to ensure a perfect end result.

Is foiling your yacht environmentally friendly?

Yes, in many respects, foiling can be more environmentally friendly than traditional painting. Many foils do not contain harmful solvents, and the process produces less waste and emissions.

Why is it special to wrap a yacht compared to a car?

A yacht or boat presents unique challenges when foiling, as it has large areas where the foil must be applied without seams. It is particularly important to carefully position the seams to avoid water ingress, especially given the harsh marine environment a yacht is exposed to. Fully oiling a yacht also means taking into account many details, such as railings, grommets and deck fittings, which requires accuracy and precision. Furthermore, silicone work is a central part of the process. Yacht and boat joints are usually white, but if you choose to foil in a different colour, these joints need to be adjusted to match the new design.