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Modernising your boat toilets

The boating season is fleeting, and in the few months we have on the water, no one wants to encounter obstacles. A well-functioning toilet system is the heart of every boat, and problems with it can drastically reduce the enjoyment of boating.

This is why we offer high quality toilets from Italian Planus. They represent the perfect solution for those who experience problems with older vacuum toilets. We have successfully helped many boat owners replace their old vacuum systems with these modern units from Planus.

The Planus range of toilets offers a variety of models, adapted to different needs and boat types, ensuring there is a perfect match for every boat.

Toilets from Italian Planus
Toilets from Planus


We help you choose

Planus toilets come in many different models and deciding which one is best for your boat can be tricky. We will help you choose just the right solution for your boat. Once we find a match, we make sure the toilet is installed correctly to ensure years of trouble-free use.

If you have a toilet in your boat that needs modernising, contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Toilets from Italian Planus

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