We take care of the whole deal

When the time comes to sell your yacht, we at Stockholm Yacht are here to help you.
We make sure your item is exposed to a global market, no matter what make or model it is.

We are focused on finding the right buyer for your boat - quickly and at the best possible price. To achieve this, we utilise our wide network of contacts and effective marketing.

Our team of professional technicians can also fix any problems, make sure the service book is in top condition and prepare your yacht for its new adventure. We also organise regular cleanings to ensure your yacht is always ready to be shown to potential buyers.

At Stockholm Yacht we believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers and we are proud that most of our customers return to us.

We only undertake the objects we believe we can successfully sell and we do not take on new objects before we have succeeded with the existing ones, this to give you as a customer the best possible focus when we take on your particular object.


How does a sale work?

Review and evaluation

Once you have decided to sell your yacht, we will meet you either in your home harbour or at our sales dock. Together we will review all relevant information about your boat. We perform an inspection of the yacht and carry out a valuation. Then we conclude an agreement to broker the sale of your yacht.

Advertising and marketing

We perform detailed photography and create a professional video, which is a key part of the marketing process. We present and compile all information about the boat and its equipment. The boat can be picked up by us or delivered to our sales dock, or remain in its home harbour. After this, we place an advert and market the boat intensively on several media platforms in Sweden and internationally. We are also active in many different communities and market your object there directly to potential buyers.

Viewing and test drive

We organise scheduled private viewings where the potential buyer has plenty of time to carefully examine your boat. During these viewings, the broker gives a comprehensive presentation of features and equipment. We organise test drives and a possible final inspection together with the buyer.

Contracts and funding

The broker and buyer agree on a sales price for the boat in consultation with you. If there is a need for financing options, we can offer the most favourable interest rates and instalment periods on the market. A contract is drawn up and signed by both the broker and the buyer. A deposit is paid immediately to secure the purchase, and within a short time the final payment for the boat is made. We arrange insurance for the buyer, while you finalise your existing insurance. Finally, the payment is transferred directly to your specified bank account.


Marketing that stands out

To ensure that your boat receives optimal attention, we place great importance on its presentation and marketing strategy. We always invest in a detailed video production for every brokerage assignment we undertake, a service that still distinguishes us in the Swedish market from other players.

Recognising that moving content often engages viewers more, our video productions ensure your yacht stands out in the media landscape. In doing so, we also build confidence among potential buyers in our expertise and integrity as a broker.


We have extensive experience in selling and buying boats internationally and are proud to have built an extensive network in Europe.


Meet our yacht brokers

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James Henderson
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We cooperate with leading financial institutions and insurance companies.