The Princess V65 transformation


We transformed the timeless 2006 Princess V65 into a modern boat with a Scandinavian touch. The project included exterior and interior changes and several technical upgrades and was carried out during the winter of 2022 and 2023.

Princess V65 MKII - 2006
Completed year
Complete refit


The dream of a grey yacht

The project involved an extensive transformation of the boat's exterior. The original white colour scheme was replaced with a sophisticated two-tone grey using a combination of foiling and painting. On the foredeck, we installed a new anti-slip surface to match the new grey colour scheme and to increase the comfort of those moving around on the deck.

A bright and modern interior

Indoors, we opted for arctic foil to transform the high-gloss "red" wooden interior of the time into a bright and modern colour scheme. All textiles on the walls and ceiling were replaced, and new carpets were installed in all cabins and the lounge to complete the new colour palette. The kitchen underwent a complete transformation with new worktops and appliances. Doors and cabinets were also given a new colour scheme that harmonises with the new interior style of the boat. New accent lighting was installed in all cabins. New bed and saloon lamps and brass details completed the Scandinavian, calm and soft colour scheme.

"A fantastic transformation of the interior! From moody British to bright Scandinavian in record time"


Technical updates

On the technical side, a Victron inverter was installed, increasing the efficiency and reliability of the boat's electrical power. This was an important part of the technological improvements that provide a more stable and reliable energy supply on board. Brand new Raymarine navigation equipment was installed.

Another exciting technical upgrade was the installation of a hydraulic swim platform with integrated stairs and attachments for a dinghy. The swim platform turns the rear of the boat into a private swimming platform, making it easy to enjoy a swim in open water. The integrated staircase facilitates the return on board and makes the experience more comfortable.

The dinghy mounts are also a practical feature. These allow you to easily and securely attach a dinghy to the dock, making it easier to launch it for short trips or to get to and from shore.

By combining convenience and functionality, the hydraulic swim platform improves not only the boat's usability but also its aesthetic appeal.

The importance of planning for a great implementation

Project V65 was a large and comprehensive project with many elements and dependencies. In addition to our own staff, we worked together with selected subcontractors where we always had overall responsibility. We worked with our own project model that we have developed over several years for this type of project. Materials, quality control and, above all, ongoing communication between all parties are essential to ensure that a project does not fail.

Before starting work, we created a project plan that set the ground rules for the entire project. A plan that we could then return to throughout the journey, allowing us to go from idea to finished product in less than six months.