We work across Europe

Most people know that boat prices in the Mediterranean are unbeatable. But a bad deal can cost you dearly! We have established contacts in Europe and ensure that you feel safe throughout your transaction. Finding objects abroad is done either through our boat brokers who are active in the country in question or through global advertising sites.

We take home and sell boats with total responsibility, a service we call all-inclusive. This is just like buying a boat at home from a Swedish dealer where you get the security of doing business with a Swedish company. We also offer customers who want to carry out a deal themselves services if they want to be the driving force in their boat purchase.

Prices in Europe are about 20 % lower than in Sweden - and the range is much wider. We always recommend making a total calculation where you list all costs for the purchase to get a good and clear price picture. When you hire us, we go through the services and costs that are necessary for you to be able to carry out the transaction in a safe way. We have fixed prices for all our services.

Examples of additional costs:

  • Travelling expenses in connection with the inspection/test drive
  • Shipyard costs associated with loading and unloading
  • Transport
  • Deregistration from the ship register
  • Fees for notaries and lawyers

Our services

Import safely with us

We offer our import services at fixed prices.
We also have a all-inclusive offer where we take care of the whole deal for you and all our services are included.
With all-inclusive, we also sell the boat with full guarantees. Just like when you buy a boat in Sweden.

Document control

We review all documentation. This includes the following documents (with differences between countries): Declaration of conformity, VAT status, service documentation, flag status, if the boat is leased also the arrangement and how it can be released. Reviewing the boat's documents is absolutely necessary to ensure that the boat is ready to be purchased and that you as a customer do not incur any additional costs when importing.


  • We offer an inspection that is carried out on the spot where the boat is located. 
  • The inspection covers the entire boat and a written report and video is delivered to the customer. In many cases, the customer is with us when the inspection is carried out, but since we both film and photograph in detail, many also choose to leave the entire inspection to us and then make decisions at home based on our report.

Contracts and negotiations

  • We help you complete the transaction and prepare or review the purchase contract and negotiate its terms.
  • We manage the steps involved in buying from the Mediterranean as a safe and stable partner. 
  • We ensure that the money is handled properly and use local lawyers and notaries based on the size of the deal.
  • Finally, we take care of de-registration of the boat's flag and entry in Swedish registers.

Transport & Customs

  • We take care of the transport and customs clearance of the boat. We work with several transport companies and thus have good prices throughout Europe. 
  • We coordinate loading, delivery and unloading to the customer and any preparation (plastering, preservation). 
  • We also prepare the documentation required to take the boat out of the country.


We have extensive experience in selling and buying yachts internationally and are proud to have built an extensive network in Europe.

Reference case

Bavaria Sport 43

From well-known Bavaria we imported from France a nice Bavaria Sport 43 model year 2012 equipped with IPS.Bavaria motorboats are common in Europe and also one of the brands where you can get a lot of money and the range is large. Upon arrival in Sweden, Stockholm Yacht carried out extensive upgrades and retrofitting to get the boat in perfect condition and adapt to the Swedish market before it was put into use. The boat was transported by lorry.

Rio Yachts Colorado 54

Purchased in southern Italy through one of our local boat brokers who was tasked with finding exactly this model. The boat broker found no less than three(!) different examples so after inspection and test drive we decided on this example. Transported home by cargo ship (water to water) and all payment flows handled by our local notary.

Aicon 64 Flybridge

Purchased in the South of France. This boat was transported by sea to Sweden. The price for the Aicon is often very competitive and due to the large selection, you can often find several copies of the same model to compare between.


We cooperate with leading financial institutions and insurance companies.