Easy handling of dinghies & jet skis

The Quickrest makes it easy to both carry and launch a jet ski or dinghy from the dock. Quickrest is sold complete with manual winch and mounting brackets. Choose between white or black.
Quickrest is a Swedish product that is also manufactured in Sweden.

While travelling, the watercraft/dinghy is safely anchored, while the dinghy can easily be launched when desired. The standard QR 250 can handle a weight of 300kg and the larger QR 400 can handle a weight of 500kg. There is also a special version for use on shallow piers. This means that the deck can move further aft, up to 290 mm. Quickrest is easily installed by drilling 2 holes of 22-24 mm in the jetty. The supplied fixing plates are fitted here, and the supplied washers are fitted on the underside. A removable split winch bar with a manual winch is included.  
For most boat models, installing Quickrest works perfectly well even when the boat is launched. 


We sell and install all models from Quickrest. We also do special installations where additions and changes to the existing boat are required to meet your needs.


Install yourself or choose to install.
We have a fixed price for standard installation in the Stockholm area of SEK 10,495.

Quickrest 250 std

Maximum load 300kg. Available in white or black

White 28.900kr, Black 30.900kr

Quickrest 250 special

Comes with extension plate for small bathing jetties. Maximum load 300kg. Available in white or black

White 34.900kr, Black 36.900kr

Quickrest 400

Maximum load 400kg. For larger watercraft and dinghies.

White 39.900kr