Renovation of a stylish Italian

Project BRIEF

Unique, aggressive and utterly stylish, the Rio Colorado 54 was given a new lease of life with extensive technical updates and improvements to an already staid interior.

Rio Colorado 54 - 2011
Completed year
Technology, interior, exterior

Natural stone in bulk

We rebuilt the kitchen and installed a new black worktop with integrated sink and black mixer tap and hob. We went on to renovate both bathrooms where we replaced the cabinets and worktops with a stunning combination of natural stone and microcement. Finally, we rebuilt the sideboard in the lounge where we adapted the new design to the owner's needs - lots of storage. The sideboard was finally adorned with natural stone to complete the colour palette.

"A giant swimming pier"

An exciting part of the Rio project was to extend the already large bathing jetty. To continue the existing design, we did the work in the same shape and colour as the factory. The bathing platform was extended a total of 60cm and clad with moulded Flexiteek "boards" to mimic the previous design. The stainless steel hydraulic lifts were also extended and new Bosch hydraulic packages were installed to increase capacity.

Finished and extended bathing jetty in place. Complete with Flexiteek and a Quickrest tyre.

Extensive technical updates

On this project, we went "all-in" in terms of improving the technical elements of the yacht. We completely renovated the entire engine room and when we were done you could hardly believe it was the same space, everything from electrical wiring to insulation and all surfaces were reviewed and refined. New pods (Cummins Zeus) were installed and together with the full refurbishment of the main engines, the entire powertrain was updated.